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If I purchase more than one unit, can I get a better deal?

Yes, that’s possible, you just have to call us at 1800-242-4935, extension 1125 for sales department and one of our sales representative will be happy to assist you.

Where can I find detailed information on each unit?

By clicking on any unit on our website, all the info you need will be described under the unit. The technical specifications can be found at the bottom of each units page.

What is the difference between the Leto series and the Aura series?



All energy star certified except for the 36000 BTU

No energy star rating

Operates at -22 F/-30 C

Operates at -5F/ -15 C

10 years warranty on the compressor and 5 years on the parts (Services not included)

5 years warranty on the compressor and 5 years on the parts(Services not included) 

SEER Rating (20+)

SEER 19 or under

Lower annual operating costs

Less annual savings, but the price is significantly cheaper than the Aura

What sizes of line sets do you offer?

We offer 16ft, 25ft and 50ft. line sets.

Please note that only the 16ft. are included by default.

Please note that the line set size required varies depending on the indoor unit, see below.

¼ and ⅜ for a 9000 BTU. 

¼ and ½ for a 12000 or 18000 BTU

⅜ and ⅝ for a 24000 or 36000 BTU

The length of the line set does not affect the line set size required.

Are your units pre-charged?

Yes, the charge for our units is held in the outdoor condenser, the line sets are NOT pre-charged.

We charge our units with 25ft worth of refrigerant for each port on a condenser.

All the single zone models are charged to support 25ft of line set.

Multi zone system pre-charged amounts are as follows.

18,000 BTU Multi-zone unit - 50ft

28,000 BTU Multi-zone unit - 75ft
36,000 BTU Multi-zone unit - 100ft

48,000 BTU Multi-zone unit - 125ft

If your total combined line set lengths surpass the pre-charged amount of a unit, you will need to have additional refrigerant added by your technician.

What type of compressor do you have?

Our compressor is a Toshiba compressor (GMCC compressor).

Is everything I need included in my order for installation?

Yes, everything is included except the power supply cable that supplies power to the outdoor unit from the dedicated breaker is included.

Optional accessories which are not required for installation and/or operation are sold separately and consist of the following.

Outdoor mounting bracket and/or ground stand

Line set cover kit(decorative line set cover).

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